The Eclipse IDE Java perspective was all messed up

Eclipse is my favorite IDE when it comes to development in Java, Html, Javascript, Android, Xml files, etc.

But every once in a while it acts up suddenly and without any seeming reason. I have been in this situation quite a few times. I am sure you’d have seen this too if you too are a regular Eclipse user like me. The windows in the Java or Jave EE perspective go all haywire. The editor window doesn’t expand to it’s regular position. And same happens with other windows. I started using the Java EE perspective when this happened in Java perspective. But that didn’t cut it for me. Didn’t find a solution for it on google too. Didn’t know what to search for.

Found the solution in a rather trial and error manner: Right-click on the messed perspective tab and click on the Reset menu item. That’s it! Enjoy 🙂



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