Samsung S5 vs Nexus 5 vs Moto X

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Today a friend approached me asking me my verdict on the purchase of Samsung S5 versus Nexus 5. I told her that I will give it to her in the form of a shoot-out by adding another phone to it – the Moto X. And here it is:
Here is the comparison on the three phones (I’ve considered 16gb models for all):
Price (Flipkart):
Moto x: 22K for the red model and 24K for the rest. I wonder why they have priced the red one lower. I feel it looks sexy 🙂
Nexus 5: 28.4K for black and 31.5K for white one! Again, I wonder why so much of a diff in price just for color.
S5: Ranges from 35K to 36K for diff colors.
Considering that S5 was launched just some days back at a price of > 50K it has been a massive fall in its price. All Samsung S series phones have the same history. They don’t hold their value much longer.

In the camera department Nexus 5 is lagging with primary camera at 8MP and secondary camera at 1.3MP. While S5 has it as 16MP and Moto x has it as 10MP and 2MP. S5 scores big over its nearest rival. Samsung is good with pictures too.
The videos taken by all phones is full HD.

Memory: All have 2GB of RAM which makes all of them even in this field.

S5: 1.9 GHz + 1.3 GHz + XMM6360 Adonis Prime2 Here I think Samsung short-changed indian market with a poorer processor than the one they bundle for west.
Nexus 5: Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz. This is a very good processor.
Moto x: Krait 1.7GHz. This is also good.
In this department, it is Nexus 5 that wins.

S5: It has a 5.1 inch screen and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel density, which is also called full HD. No complaints here.
Nexus 5: 4.95inch screen with a full HD resolution too.
Motox : 4.7 inch screen with 720×1280 pixel density. This is HD screen but not full HD.
Here, though Moto x has lower features it has an AMOLED screen which are considered to give the most vivid picture. S5 is the obvious winner though.

S5: 2800mAh (it mean milli-amp hour). Talk time of 21hrs
Nexus 5: 2300mAh. Talk time of 17hrs
Moto x: 2200mAh. Talk time of 13hrs.
S5 is the clear winner here. The bigger battery, however, makes S5 heavier than the other two by a few grams.

All are made of plastic and might tend to develop scratches on their back cover in the long run. But the only place where S5 scores over its rivals is that Nexus 5 and Moto X do not allow for easily replace your phone battery. Whereas Samsung S series have always been built with a easily removable back cover to replace battery. S5 scores here again.

Overall, features and performance wise the S5 wins hands down. But have a look at the price versus feature chart and make your decision. Here, I have to point out one thing. S5 will come with an Android version with a Samsung’s (bells and whistles) wrapper over the regular stock Android OS. This has two disadvantages. The wrappers consume some performance of the processor. So, though the processor in an S5 might seem powerful on the paper it might not perform as good because of these wrappers. The second problem is that because of this wrapping that Samsung does it is not able to release an upgrade for the latest Android versions as soon as they are out. Whereas, Nexus and Moto phones come with the stock Android versions. So, they will be able to get the latest Android releases as soon as Google releases them. At least, theoritically 🙂

Personally, since I get bored with phones very easily, I might go with the Moto X. Then my investment is less and performance wise I am not getting too much less than the leader. And when time comes I can dispose it off and take a new phone.


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