A beautiful woman called Rachna

I don’t consider myself as a very lucky person. I have never won a lucky draw in my life and god knows I’ve participated in MANY. I have never won in gambling(no, I have never been a big risk taker to participate in big gamblings – I refer to slot machine gambling here 🙂 ). Never won a lottery, either. I am so unlucky that when we need to drop our name for a lucky draw I get it written by my wife in her name and then drop it. But whoever is watching over me has made sure that I am lucky wherever it matters. Rachna, my wife, is a result of one such stroke of luck. Not her being but her being my wife, that is. And I strongly believe that ending up with a compatible and a good person as a spouse requires some serious luck.

We’ve been married for 14 years, so far, and I think I can tell confidently that I know her, pretty well. She will be turning 40 on 2nd November. Oops, they say that one mustn’t reveal a woman’s age. But who says that she is a woman…hang-on….she is a super woman!(this must be the kitschiest lines anyone has ever said:D but what the heck? I don’t write so often about her too 🙂 ). And this post is a tribute to this super woman who happens to be my wife. And, pray, why must I write a tribute about her? Well, I think that it is only appropriate for a person to, once in a while, take some time out to sit calmly and reflect on people/things that have been a positive effect in his life and thank the lord for it.

Well, I am not going to talk about how we met. You can read it here with my other comments about her which made sense at that time 🙂 Well, what more can I add over what I have already talked about her? For one, nothing of that has changed 😉 But we together have been through around 5 years of entrepreneurship. And I have seen her work on her writing assignments, in awe. When she is at the computer she has a single-minded dedication to finish the jobs that she has lined up for the day. She might be travelling or feeling unwell or terribly sleepy but she will finish the job she has promised her client to finish for that day before she retires for the day. Among the over-crowded world of writers she has created an incredible niche for herself, with her writings on her blog. So, everyday,she is not only finishing assignments given to her by clients but she is also creating beautiful posts which influence many people in a positive way. No wonder that customers seek her out rather than other way out like how it works with lesser mortals like me 🙂 One can safely say about her writing is that she is changing the world, in a positive way, one post at a time. I wish she had known some programming then I’d have such an awesome co-worker for my projects 🙂

Did you just laugh at the super-woman comment I had made about Rachna, way back in this post? What else would you call a woman who handles her professional duties to the utmost satisfaction of her customers and also attend to two very demanding children? No, make it three extremely demanding children, if you include me 🙂 She has to take care of their food, practice with them for their exams and help them complete their homework. Did I forget to add that we are a family which is extremely fond of its food? And we take tremendous pride in eating a lot of variety of tasty food everyday over the week. Needless to say that Rachna is a great cook who keeps our taste buds ever so happy. Add to this her vast knowledge of nutrition and what do we have? We have a great cook who keeps us healthy too. She knows which food contains carbs, which food contains vitamins, which food contains protein, etc. So, the work of giving us a balanced food is all hers. Before marriage all I knew if which food I liked and left to my own devices I would kill myself by having only the things I like. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t know that I required appropriate proportions of various foods to keep us healthy. Such is her influence that even my little sons know about nutrition(my elder son, Siddharth, might know more about nutrition than me) 🙂

From what I have written so far it might seem like she is an extremely nice person only for the family. No sir! It would be a great disservice to her friends if I forgot about them. She is an extremely loyal friend too. Not only is she close to her batch-mates from MBA but I am very envious of the fact how she has kept in touch with even her school batch-mates. Not only is she close to her friends from her schools/colleges but she has made some wonderful friends in the writing world too. I must write here that I too find myself very privileged to know quite a few of them. She takes comfort in the well-being of all people she knows. And I have seen her agony if something happens to any of her friend.

If I have to summarize about my beautiful wife in one sentence, I would say this: Rachna, you are a person who is a complete package and I am lucky to be sharing my life with you.


Padne to Bangalore best route

When travelling from Padne to Bangalore I searched for the best route. It was a dilemma because google suggested 3 routes and all seemed to have something good about it. We were seriously considering the route which goes via Sulia, Madikere, etc. but that was longer and people told us that Sulia stretch was bad. But we were told that Ghat section on that route is much lesser than the route via Taliparamba, Iritti, Virajpet, Goniloppal, etc.

Somewhere we had read that a stretch between Virajpet and Gonikoppal was bad. And that we must take a diversion to periyapatana and then back to Hunsur. We chose to ignore it went straight for Gonikoppal. True to that suggestion the road was bad for a stretch of 6 kms. We were driving at the rate of 30kmph in this stretch but I am sure it saved us something like 20 kms of extra drive.

So overall I’d like to suggest a prospective traveller to take this route. That is Padne, Thaliparmba, Iritti, Virajpet(you don’t exactly go thru this town but take a bypass), Hunsur, Srirangapatna,etc. Yes the ghat section in Kerala is bugging but we made it to Bangalore in 9 and a half hours with a lot of stoppage time.

A few observations of Kerala, I made, while driving through it

A few things I got to know about Kerala while driving through it in the past few days(Bangalore to Wayanad and from there to Kasargod and then back):
1. Apart from being called God’s own country it must also be called The lungs of South India too. There is so much greenery, trees, plantations. Even their compound walls have foliage growing on them 🙂 Deforestation is not known here.
2. The people here might most likely not speak any language other than Malayalam but they make it up with their friendliness and helpfulness.
3. The bus drivers there are a different beasts, though. You and your cars are invisible to them. 90% of them will squeeze you out of the narrow roads while over-taking a pedestrian 🙂
4. Most of the north Kerala roads that I drove on were single lane ones. But very well maintained, save for a few patches here and there. But the biggest hassle is that 70% of the roads that I drove on were right on the western ghats. So even a distance of 30 KMS was taking 1 hour 😦
5. All men wear lungis. And there seems to be an ettiquette of when the lungi is worn complete and when it is worn folded. Fidgeting with their lungis seems to be an OCD with most men 🙂 No offence meant to any Keralite on my friend list. I am just making an observation here 😛
Here’s a good video that I found on internet on the etiquette of mundu/lungi of Keralite men (enjoy 🙂 ):

6. I had heard that Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. It was evident on our early morning drive. The roads are lined with kids of all ages risking the speeding vehicles but, nonetheless, walking to their schools, on the sides of the road. I am sure the Keralite drivers keep a special buffer while driving during this time. There are kids waiting at bus stands, houses for their morning pickup. It is a heart-warming sight to see all of the young Keralites out on the road to get to their schools.
7. I think the best kept secret of Kerala must be the religious tolerance shown, in-general, by people towards each other. We passed through towns which were mostly muslim(evident from mosques, shops and attire) and some towns mostly christians(evident from churches of all sizes lining the road). There were muslim girls going to school with their hair covered. Surely schools there must be showing tolerance towards religious customs. I saw the restaurants stocking Beef dishes (which I assume are a christian delicacy), mutton dishes(which I assume are muslim delicacies). The religious badge of every Keralite seems to rest lightly on them.
8. One quaint little thing about the houses in the small towns of Kerala is the PVC pipe fitted at the gate which acts like a post box 😀 We were in such a hurry to get to our destination that we didn’t stop to click a picture of it. But I am sure I haven’t seen this any where else. Can someone help me with that 🙂
9. Kerala is full of coconut trees! Wherever you see you will find coconut trees. It surely must account for 90% of all coconut trees in the country. No wonder then that no meal in Kerala goes without some dish having a coconut gravy. I just love coconut so I was just lapping up all the gravies that were being dished out 🙂 Now I am coming to terms with the coir business that emanates from Kerala. I use cocopeat for my terrace garden and now I know that it must be all from Kerala.
10. Kerala is blessed with such a great climate that everything grows there, apart from coconut trees, of course 🙂 A few trees/plants I chanced across during my drive were: Tea plantations, Coffee plantations, Black Peppers, Rubber trees, Bananas, Jack Fruits, Rice farms.

If it were not for the language I would have packed my bags and probably would have shifted to Kerala by now. I liked the place so much.