Padne to Bangalore best route

When travelling from Padne to Bangalore I searched for the best route. It was a dilemma because google suggested 3 routes and all seemed to have something good about it. We were seriously considering the route which goes via Sulia, Madikere, etc. but that was longer and people told us that Sulia stretch was bad. But we were told that Ghat section on that route is much lesser than the route via Taliparamba, Iritti, Virajpet, Goniloppal, etc.

Somewhere we had read that a stretch between Virajpet and Gonikoppal was bad. And that we must take a diversion to periyapatana and then back to Hunsur. We chose to ignore it went straight for Gonikoppal. True to that suggestion the road was bad for a stretch of 6 kms. We were driving at the rate of 30kmph in this stretch but I am sure it saved us something like 20 kms of extra drive.

So overall I’d like to suggest a prospective traveller to take this route. That is Padne, Thaliparmba, Iritti, Virajpet(you don’t exactly go thru this town but take a bypass), Hunsur, Srirangapatna,etc. Yes the ghat section in Kerala is bugging but we made it to Bangalore in 9 and a half hours with a lot of stoppage time.


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