#GoSleeekWithAsusExperience – the indiblogger meet in Bangalore

Finally, I could make it to an IndiBlogger meet. For over two years I have been hearing all sort of good things from my wife and son who were regulars at the IndiBlogger meets in Bangalore. I couldn’t go because I was not a registered blogger with IndiBlogger. So, my younger son and I used to stay at home awaiting the return of my wife and son from the meet with all their amazing stories of what happened at the meet 🙂 But all that changed when I registered with IndiBlogger a few months back.

So, here’s to my first IB meet. It was like a family outing where all of four us were going. I knew hardly anyone at the meet. I knew a few through my wife. I was glad to meet them in person. Especially, Nabanita, and Sid B. I hope there are more meetups in Bangalore so that I know more bloggers.

The first event after the registration was a jamming session by the rockstar employees of IndiBlogger. WOW! I mean Wow!! Isn’t it amazing to find a whole rock group from a small group of employees of a company? That is what is IndiBlogger. Their veteran status at this gig was evident from how nicely they involved all the bloggers into their songs. The only irritant in this otherwise mind-blowing experience was the high decibels the speakers were turned to in a closed banquet hall. I hope they take care about it the next time.

So, the meet started with a few introductions of old timers and new comers. The finger foods that were passing around was just awesome! I think that most bloggers want more blogger interaction in these IB meets. So, the IB team organized a game where the participants had to collect as many personal items of other bloggers and in the process get to know more bloggers. But I have a feeling that this little exercise doesn’t help much to cut the ice in such a short time. There were people who were coming up innovative ideas like taking selfies with other bloggers, taking their twitter handles, etc.

Then the ASUS product manager of India did a couple introductions of his products the ASUS Eeebook X205TA and ASUS PC ET2040 AIO. You can lookup more details of these two products on their links. The best feature about the AIO PC is the built-in emergency power backup and gesture control. It is perfect for someone who wants to use it as a media PC in the living room.

Again, to increase the blogger interaction the IB team organised another game where all bloggers were divided into 4 teams and had to do a skit to promote blogging with an intrinsic theme. we were given the theme of Pirate of the Carribean. So, we had to perform a skit such that other bloggers are able to guess our theme. This event had more potential of knowing other bloggers better than the previous event. But making a whole skit with so many strangers in a 15 minutes or so is no small challenge. And it was evident in the half baked skit that came out 🙂 But kudos to our project manager who did a great a job on the go!

It was late for the dinner by the time this event finished. Only thing here that could’ve made this a better experience is if there were more tables where people could serve themselves food.

Overall, it was an evening to remember. I am looking forward to the next IB meet, already. 🙂


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