The next generation of classifieds looks promising

As someone who has lived in the same house for more than 10 years I can vouch that I have tons of stuff that is lying in my house that I could dispose off to make space and for the house to look a lot better. But I always have this feeling that if I just throw away the item it could be end up in a landfill or land in the hands of a person who doesn’t value it enough. The best alternative for me would be if someone purchased it from me. That way it would benefit me and also I’d be assured that it has gone to someone who values it.

Now, there have been classifieds before. And I have tried my hands at buying and selling stuff on classified sites. And both activities have their own challenges. As a seller I want people to see my advertisement and get curious enough to at least contact me. As a buyer I want as much details of the product as possible and I want a seller who is responsive to my requests. Usually, the buyers are cagey and part with information kinda slowly. It would be nice if these problems were addressed by classifieds.

I have heard of Quikr coming up with instant chats in their mobile apps as well as on desktops! I think it is a wonderful idea for the following reasons:

  1. Wrong Sound Language: A phone call is a medium which is fraught with the dangers of picking up wrong tones or attitudes. Have you felt this before? The person on the other end might not mean any offence to you but his/her tone disturbed you. You might pick up unintended bad vibes and just shut that opportunity for yourself and the other person. Exchanging information on a chat is helpful to filter out such possibilities. As long as the language written by both parties is sound there is no danger of wrong tones creeping into the conversation. Thus I feel chats are more productive in this context.
  2. Chats gives time to think: Don’t you agree? I have faced this many times. I call up a seller and ask some details about the product and hang-up. But just right after I hang up I have something more to ask. But I’d feel awkward to call back to avoid giving out a wrong impression that I am too enthusiastic about the item or that I am just acting plain silly. Here too I feel chats give me the benefit of never closing the conversation. I can ask any number of questions spaced into however small or long gaps.
  3. Instant Photo Exchange: This is the best part of chats. Usually when I need more details about the item I need more photos of the item. And usually advertisements lack in decent number of photos. On a phone call you ask for photos and you are assured that the item is top condition and you have go with it. Instead, with the photo upload feature in the chat application on there is no escape for the seller from this request 🙂

I think the chat feature in Quikr Nxt is a category disrupting technology and will bring greater transparency in the buying process on classifieds. Way to go Quikr!



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