My bucket list for that time when I am befikar, umar bhar

Every now and then I like to indulge in thinking about a time when I have no worries in the world, in terms of no responsibilities of baby-sitting children, going to work for earning to save for old-age or looking after someone. What would I do when I am in that position? Isn’t it what almost all people in the world think about every now and then? It seems like I am surrounded by people who’s only motive in life is to earn, earn, earn and save for old-age with no care for the stress that is eating them up.

Let’s not get into the negatives for now. Here, I’d like to list out the things I’d indulge in when I am Befikar, Umar Bhar:

  1. Travel: I like travelling and seeing new places. My wife likes travelling. So, I have no worries of earning and have all the time in the world what else would e and my wife indulge in other than travelling. At home too our favorite channel is the Travel and Living Channel. We are just too fascinated by the places that are covered by the travel channels. We’d like to take a leisurely trip across the whole of Europe, USA, South America and Australia if and when we can afford it. We haven’t been to the far east Asia too.
  2. Farming: This is my secret dream. When I am Befikar, Umar Bhar I’d like to sell-off my city dwelling and purchase a farm land in a serene and bountiful village and do farming. At home I am an avid terrace gardener. I often dream of being able to grow plants, vegetables and fruits unfettered by the limitations of a pot. I am also an avid follower of organic gardening practices. In this farm of mine I plan to keep cattle for milk and manure. It would be a green living all the way, in a circle. The aim is to be self-sufficient food wise and eat healthy.
  3. Cheese making: I have always been intrigued by cheeses. I’d really like to go to Parmesan area of Italy and learn cheese making skills from the farmers of parmesan. I’d like to go to Netherlands and learn the art of making genuine Gouda cheese. I’d like to visit Switzerland and learn how they make their swiss cheese. I’d like to come back to my farm and make these myself for personal consumption and to sell to fine dining eateries in India.
  4. Learn to play the Guitar: This is one interest of mine which keeps getting pushed to the back-seat because I’ve had to keep earning before anything. I’d like to go to school and learn Guitar and play it like a professional. I’d like to then graduate to the electric guitar. And then I’d like to host my own show where I play the popular rock tunes 🙂
  5. Learn Spanish: Well, I’d like to learn as many languages I can but Spanish is close to my heart because it would help me in my travels across the world 🙂 Because the whole of South America speaks Spanish. And yes my most favorite country in Europe is Spain. I’d like to learn Arabic and French too. And not to forget Japanese too which is the language of my most favorite people in the world.

The following commercial nicely captures the spirit of my bucket list, I feel.


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