That moment when we moved lock, stock and barrel into our own house!

My Dad and Mom, both used to work. And with their meagre salaries they built the house that we grew up in. It was a painful time for us kids when we had to move into our own house. But, apparently, a joyful one for our parents. For, who would throw a lavish party to all their friends to celebrate our moving into own house. For us kids it was painful because we were being uprooted from the colony where we had all our friends. There was not a soul around our house in our age bracket who we could play with in the evenings.

And then we grew up. Went out of the house for our higher education. We got jobs out of our hometowns. And then we got married like everybody else 🙂 Our salary was much more than what our parents earned at their highest earning bracket. But still we could hardly manage to purchase a 3 bedroom apartment at a place of our desire. This is the big home market conundrum. Whatever be the times – your salary is never enough to purchase the house of your desire. We were in Pune when the bug bit us about purchasing our own house. We were getting a very nice apartment for, what seemed like a princely sum of Rs.20 lakhs, in Aundh. Which is a decent residential area in Pune. Even that was a bit of a reach for us at that time. And then things suddenly moved on the job front and I had to move to Bangalore. And our house search got hit for a little time. Also because in Bangalore I had to go for an onsite assignment almost as soon as I moved here.

Then after a few months after moving to Bangalore we started the hunt for a home again. And if prices in Pune were a reach then the prices in Bangalore felt far far away. We had to go more further out of the city to get a house which we could afford and it still costed at least Rs.10 Lakhs more than what we would pay in Pune. But we took the big leap of faith that all will be fine and we purchased our house after taking a hefty loan from a bank.

Then started the construction of the house. It was the most stressful times of all when the house was being constructed. We had to drive something like 15 kms one way to see how the construction was progressing. Every time we visited the construction site there, inevitably, used to be something or the other that the workers had done wrong or would have screwed up. There was one time when the new tiles I had brought for our house got stolen and we had to again go to the market and buy them. Then one time the workers had installed the bath tub with a reverse tilt so that water stayed collected in it. Oh, at that time I took a resolve that I would never ever construct another house in my life. I am still resolute on it 🙂

But when we moved to our new house with lock, stock and barrel that was a proud moment for me and my parents. Suddenly all the stress of the construction period had melted away. Life seemed good and positive. I was paying the EMIs to the bank to pay off my loan. But I was no longer paying a rent. I was paying money every month to appreciate an asset I owned. That feeling is just awesome and indescribable.


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