When my sons were little….

Rachna and I have raised our two boys hands-on ourselves without any help from any ayah or mother or relatives. We are very proud of that. Now, they have grown up into two little brats who squabble a lot over many things but above all they are two good little fellas. But we still do remember the times when they were little and recalling their antics cracks us up.

As first time parents of a boy there was a lot of learning going on. We didn’t know that boys and girls have different types of diapers. The boy’s diapers had extra room for their wee-wee 🙂 Oh and one of the first lessons a parent of a boy learns is to keep the boy’s wee-wee down when putting a new diaper on the baby. So that when he pees it doesn’t wet the t-shirt or onesie the boy is wearing 🙂 Always attend to the wee-wee first and hide it under the diaper even when putting a new diaper. Because you never know when he will let out a golden fountain 🙂

The first two months for both our babies was a terrible one for us. The elder one had colic and the younger one had acid reflux. So, both of them used to keep us awake at night. For the elder one’s colic we used to do a small trick which we had picked up during our lamaze classes. We used to put him in the car seat and take him for a car ride. We used to keep driving circles of our block until he slept off. We would then silently bring him into the house on our tip-toes. But more often than not he used to wake up as soon as we opened the door of our house. Those were stressful times but it cracks us up thinking about it now.

Slowly we started to bring a routine on the boy. We used to give him a warm water bath before putting him to bed. We never missed to put a body lotion after his bath. It kept his skin from drying in the dry air of the summer. And, of course, a fresh diaper. Then feed him until he was satisfied. This routine never failed us in getting that much needed rest that we deserved after the whole day of looking after him 🙂 In the morning our little bundle of joy woke up with such sweet smell around him. It felt like to just keeping on sniffing him. He had to have his feed as soon as he woke up.

When my elder son grew up a bit it was his favroite past-time to ask me to draw his favorite logos when were retiring to go to bed. He used to watch a lot of commercials on the TV. So he was very familiar with the logos of the popular brands like Maruti, Hyundai Santro, etc. I had once indulged him by drawing him the logo of Maruti and Hyundai. And he would never tire of asking me to draw it again and again, day after day. And I would be very happy to do for him.

There were many such sweet little antics my boys indulged in when they were very little. More on them later. I was seeing this commercial on the TV when I felt I needed to relive these memories:


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