Desi Price Compare

Desi Price Compare – The new way to buy anything!

At Tranquilsoft we have launched yet another useful and creative app called “Desi Price Compare” to make the lives of consumers easier. This app, as the name suggests, is targeted to the Indian audience. With it one can do a real time check on the price of any item, anywhere on the most popular e-tail websites of India. For now, the app fetches search results from three of the most popular e-tail websites i.e., and

Let me take you on a tour of what you can do with the Desi Price Compare app:
1. Assuming that you have zeroed in on the product you want to purchase. And let us say that the product is Google Nexus 5. Then you would open the app and put the search keywords as “Google Nexus 5″ (minus the double quotes). The basic idea is that you must be as specific about the product, as possible. It is always better to use model numbers of the products along with the names. For examples, if you are interested in checking the price of a laptop Apple Macbook Pro 101HN/A then please use the name and full model number. It helps in obtaining more accurate results. Searching for only Macbook Pro would get search results of all Macbook Pro laptops but not necessarily the exact model you are looking for.

Desi Price Compare

2. When the search finishes you will be shown a screen with the search results of products from all the e-tailers and sorted on price. Thus making your job of selecting the right e-tailer easier.


3. That’s not all! You can select the search result you have short-listed. On selecting the product you will be shown more details of the product, like what was the Maximum Retail Price(sometimes this might not be available due to some technical short-comings). From this popup detail window you could also choose to go the product website, perhaps, to purchase the item. And we encourage you to do so.


4. As you can see here, you will be taken to the product page in your favorite browser. Here, you could proceed to purchase the item!


The days to come are pretty exciting for Desi Price Compare. We will be adding more e-tail sites. We will add more features too. An iPhone app of the product is awaiting approval from Apple. So watch the space. And thanks in advance for downloading it and keeping it in your favorite list of tools on your mobile phone!