This is how cheats its users

Here is a chain of communication I had with on their Facebook page. Finally, when they couldn’t defend their malpractices they tell me to message them personally so that they may resolve the issue I have with them. All the details are in front of them. If they had any sincere wish to resolve the issue they’d have done it and told me “Here, we have resolved your issue!”. This only goes to show what crooks they are.

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The next generation of classifieds looks promising

As someone who has lived in the same house for more than 10 years I can vouch that I have tons of stuff that is lying in my house that I could dispose off to make space and for the house to look a lot better. But I always have this feeling that if I just throw away the item it could be end up in a landfill or land in the hands of a person who doesn’t value it enough. The best alternative for me would be if someone purchased it from me. That way it would benefit me and also I’d be assured that it has gone to someone who values it.

Now, there have been classifieds before. And I have tried my hands at buying and selling stuff on classified sites. And both activities have their own challenges. As a seller I want people to see my advertisement and get curious enough to at least contact me. As a buyer I want as much details of the product as possible and I want a seller who is responsive to my requests. Usually, the buyers are cagey and part with information kinda slowly. It would be nice if these problems were addressed by classifieds.

I have heard of Quikr coming up with instant chats in their mobile apps as well as on desktops! I think it is a wonderful idea for the following reasons:

  1. Wrong Sound Language: A phone call is a medium which is fraught with the dangers of picking up wrong tones or attitudes. Have you felt this before? The person on the other end might not mean any offence to you but his/her tone disturbed you. You might pick up unintended bad vibes and just shut that opportunity for yourself and the other person. Exchanging information on a chat is helpful to filter out such possibilities. As long as the language written by both parties is sound there is no danger of wrong tones creeping into the conversation. Thus I feel chats are more productive in this context.
  2. Chats gives time to think: Don’t you agree? I have faced this many times. I call up a seller and ask some details about the product and hang-up. But just right after I hang up I have something more to ask. But I’d feel awkward to call back to avoid giving out a wrong impression that I am too enthusiastic about the item or that I am just acting plain silly. Here too I feel chats give me the benefit of never closing the conversation. I can ask any number of questions spaced into however small or long gaps.
  3. Instant Photo Exchange: This is the best part of chats. Usually when I need more details about the item I need more photos of the item. And usually advertisements lack in decent number of photos. On a phone call you ask for photos and you are assured that the item is top condition and you have go with it. Instead, with the photo upload feature in the chat application on there is no escape for the seller from this request 🙂

I think the chat feature in Quikr Nxt is a category disrupting technology and will bring greater transparency in the buying process on classifieds. Way to go Quikr!


#GoSleeekWithAsusExperience – the indiblogger meet in Bangalore

Finally, I could make it to an IndiBlogger meet. For over two years I have been hearing all sort of good things from my wife and son who were regulars at the IndiBlogger meets in Bangalore. I couldn’t go because I was not a registered blogger with IndiBlogger. So, my younger son and I used to stay at home awaiting the return of my wife and son from the meet with all their amazing stories of what happened at the meet 🙂 But all that changed when I registered with IndiBlogger a few months back.

So, here’s to my first IB meet. It was like a family outing where all of four us were going. I knew hardly anyone at the meet. I knew a few through my wife. I was glad to meet them in person. Especially, Nabanita, and Sid B. I hope there are more meetups in Bangalore so that I know more bloggers.

The first event after the registration was a jamming session by the rockstar employees of IndiBlogger. WOW! I mean Wow!! Isn’t it amazing to find a whole rock group from a small group of employees of a company? That is what is IndiBlogger. Their veteran status at this gig was evident from how nicely they involved all the bloggers into their songs. The only irritant in this otherwise mind-blowing experience was the high decibels the speakers were turned to in a closed banquet hall. I hope they take care about it the next time.

So, the meet started with a few introductions of old timers and new comers. The finger foods that were passing around was just awesome! I think that most bloggers want more blogger interaction in these IB meets. So, the IB team organized a game where the participants had to collect as many personal items of other bloggers and in the process get to know more bloggers. But I have a feeling that this little exercise doesn’t help much to cut the ice in such a short time. There were people who were coming up innovative ideas like taking selfies with other bloggers, taking their twitter handles, etc.

Then the ASUS product manager of India did a couple introductions of his products the ASUS Eeebook X205TA and ASUS PC ET2040 AIO. You can lookup more details of these two products on their links. The best feature about the AIO PC is the built-in emergency power backup and gesture control. It is perfect for someone who wants to use it as a media PC in the living room.

Again, to increase the blogger interaction the IB team organised another game where all bloggers were divided into 4 teams and had to do a skit to promote blogging with an intrinsic theme. we were given the theme of Pirate of the Carribean. So, we had to perform a skit such that other bloggers are able to guess our theme. This event had more potential of knowing other bloggers better than the previous event. But making a whole skit with so many strangers in a 15 minutes or so is no small challenge. And it was evident in the half baked skit that came out 🙂 But kudos to our project manager who did a great a job on the go!

It was late for the dinner by the time this event finished. Only thing here that could’ve made this a better experience is if there were more tables where people could serve themselves food.

Overall, it was an evening to remember. I am looking forward to the next IB meet, already. 🙂

Happiness is health. More particularly healthy children.

I am a father to two boisterous little boys. Boys being boys they are possessed with immense restless energy keeping us parents on the tenterhooks, almost all the time. The only time when we get the peace that we crave is when they go to school or when they are asleep. It almost always makes us wish why we weren’t blessed with at least one daughter to keep the loud energy in the house to manageable limits. And then again we think, immediately, that we wouldn’t have it any other way even if given the choice. 🙂

And there are times in the house when this loud and restless energy abates. When one or both of the kids are down with cold, cough or fever. And it is no time to rejoice. It is unimaginable to see our bundles of energy down with common cold or fever. You pray never to wish again for this kind of peace in the house. You would do anything to have them making the noise that they usually do.

Being the analytical mind that I am I got thinking about the pattern in which they fall ill. And I could put these in a few categories like below:

  1. Infections picked up from school: These infections have no other cause to explain them other than this. It’s possible my boys might be giving infections to other kids at school too.
  2. Change of weather: Bangalore is known to have 2 to 3 seasons in one day. 🙂 The rapid way in which the weather here changes takes its toll on the kids.
  3. Allergy Seasons: There are seasons and there are allergy seasons. An allergy season is characterised by excess pollen in the air. And truth be told, Bangalore is right at the top for having allergens in the air.

We have taken the kids to the doctors and asked them to recommend something that can keep them prepared for these eventualities. We don’t want to go over the same old courses of paracetamols, allegras, etc. We want something more natural and more reliable. And the verdict was unanimous. Fortify them with the age old Indian recipe for such things, the one and only Chyawanprash.

I did some research on Chyawanprash and came up with this: It is a recipe which can be found in the manuscripts of Ayurveda written centuries ago – Ashtangahridayam, Charakasamhita, Sangandharasamhita. Two of the most important ingredients of any Chyawanprash are Triphala and Amla(Indian gooseberry). This makes Chyawanprash very high in Vitamin C. Of course, there are other ingredients in a Chyawanprash which lend it their own benefits. But Vitamin C alone keeps the common ailments like cold, cough and allergies at bay.

It has become a habit at home for us and the kids to have one spoonful of Chyawanprash every day morning along with the breakfast. We have developed a special liking for Dabur Chyawanprash as the kids too like it. And I have noticed that after starting this habit the kids are falling ill less often. This is one of the secrets of our Happiness at our home. 🙂